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2 Start Ltd (@ 2StartHGV) is proud to announce the arrival of its new Iveco S-Way tractor and two Schmitz Cargobull trailers from North East Truck and Van to further expand their growing fleet of articulated training vehicles!

The recent purchase of the new Iveco S-Way and the two renowned Schmitz Cargobull trailers are part of their goal to provide the best possible training while at the same time help as many people as they can get their Cat C + E heavy truck licenses.

With the enormous pressure for the training of heavy truck drivers during the summer months, coupled with the recent Announcements of November 2021 by the DVSA To meet the requirements of Category C + E license testing, 2 Start needed to expand its fleet to help meet industry demand.

The changes to the DVSA mean that anyone currently holding a Category B (car) license can now train to obtain their category C + E driving license without the need to complete the rigid Category C.

This is just one of the reasons for their recent investment in new vehicles and they already have more vehicles in the process of being acquired in the coming months.

However, vehicle availability plays a central role in this process for 2 Start and the main delay in their training fleet is increasing faster to meet industry demand.

The 2 Start training, which now has a fleet of more than 25 vehicles, continues to grow to meet the growing demand for heavy truck driver training with the introduction of their new vehicle, which has been widely welcomed by all. of the staff and students of 2 Start!

Their dedication and commitment to acquiring the new tractor and trailer has been long and provided a lot of distance to test both the tractor and the trailers on the road.

The new Iveco S-Way tractor came from Middlesbrough, while the two Schmitz Cargobull trailers came from Ireland.

Their new truck has made the long but scenic journey across the country from Middlesbrough, where 2 Start Managing Director Paul Moon has traveled to retrieve the tractor and drive the beautiful journey back to their Southampton depot.

Before leaving for the long-haul home, their new Iveco S-Way made a short stop at Liverpool’s iconic Three Graces, which consists of the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building, all located on Liverpool Pier. To manage.

Since arriving at their training center in Southampton, the new Iveco S-Way has jumped right into the action, with hands-on on-road driving training and ‘S’ reverse gear already completed, helping the new wave of drivers. C + E to practice obtaining their licenses.

Paul Moon, MD of 2 Start performed rigorous checks and research before purchasing the tractor and trailers, ensuring their high standards were maintained and not compromised by the struggle to find new vehicles due to demand. growing heavy goods vehicle nationwide.

2 Start Ltd provides logistics training across the UK south coast and has one of the only DVSA approved testing centers in Portsmouth. 2 Start is proud of its extremely high level of training, high success rates, as well as its best vehicles. To learn more about 2 Start, visit their website today www.2start-training.com

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