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CASTLE ROCK – Enrollment is high but leveling off at schools in Castle Rock, so the district expects to add new laptops this school year.

Superintendent Ryan Greene said that despite a record number of registrations, the district was able to find more rooms in existing buildings and avoid purchasing another portable classroom building as prices are now significantly higher due to the pressure of the supply chain.

“We will be creative this year and hope the costs will drop next year,” he said, adding that the district has a lot to maintain and projects to do, so laptops are “not the best use of. our funds “this year.

The district expected 1,368 students this year, but as of September it was 1,400. While some students have started to leave the district, which is common throughout the year, the district is still on track. for overall growth this year of between 7% and 11%, Greene said.

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Several grade levels at the college are also higher than normal, Greene said, with the largest eighth-grade class he can remember in the past eight years at around 145 students. Kindergarten and first grade are also larger than normal with around 114 preschools and around 111 first years.

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“Most of the growth will happen in elementary and secondary school,” he said, where it was rare to have grades above 100.

Greene said the district was able to find two more rooms in the high school by converting a special room and a classroom that was converted from a storage room to a classroom.

Stored items will go elsewhere in the district and the specialist will be moved on a cart, as the specialist’s room was only used twice a day, he said.

At the elementary level, the district already had a two-room laptop that was being used for storage and COVID-19 testing, Greene said, so again the items will be stored elsewhere and the tests will travel to the office for some. open two more. classroom.

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The creativity comes from the fact that the cost of laptops has increased dramatically since the district last bought several years ago. Greene said most of the increases are due to supply chain challenges for building materials.

“It’s all the components that go into this one that are hard to find,” he said.

For example, he said the district paid around $ 160,000 several years ago for a laptop, that is, two rooms, with bathrooms. This year, the advertised price was $ 220,000.

“A quarter of a million dollars for two classrooms is crazy,” Greene said.

The new high school laptops would not need additional bathrooms as students can walk to the cafeteria or gymnasium washroom or wait for periods that pass, so the price would be lower, said Greene. But elementary school students need attached bathrooms because they are in a room all day and are too young to walk around unsupervised.

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The district is still deciding where to put potential laptops next year, Greene said. The new elementary laptops can go alongside the old ones, as the neighborhood installed all the electricity needed for more at the same time as the old laptops.

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In high school, there are several potential places, like near the tennis court or the greenhouses, said Greene, and “we’re always looking for where it’s best.”

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