Community goes to Rockbridge County School Board

LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ) – After a hectic week in Lexington, the Rockbridge County Public Schools Administration opened its board meeting on Tuesday evening with a list of safety measures in place at their school buildings, such as electronic buzz-in systems, updated security cameras and an interior set of security doors allowing all visitors to enter through the office.

“We need to use this as a tool to improve ourselves and make Rockbridge County High School a stronger place,” said Superintendent Philip Thompson.

Among the many questions raised during the public comments, speakers from church groups, parents and students primarily wanted to address the ban on the Confederate flag and within the district.

“Now is the time to list the Confederate flag along with all the other symbols of hate,” said one parent.

“A representative from the high school said the symbols were not acceptable due to the atrocities committed by the Nazi Party and subsequent adoption by the KKK. Why do the administration and the school board refuse to use this logic with the Confederate flag? A student asked. Another explained how slurs and harassment are rampant at school, saying she has been discriminated against herself.

Other parents have challenged recent board decisions on school policies, calling for the CEO’s resignation.

Although the board did not vote on these matters during the meeting, we have contacted the administration and are waiting to hear their next steps.

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