Coursera: Saudi Arabia’s National E-Learning Center partners with Coursera to launch nation-wide vocational training program

Anthony Tattersall, Vice President, EMEA

Today, we are proud to announce that Coursera is partnering with Saudi Arabia’s National eLearning Center (NELC) to launch a national skills development program. Through this initiative, NELC, established as an independent entity led by the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, aims to continue its mission of building trust and leading innovation in e-learning.

Together, we will equip learners across Saudi Arabia with the in-demand digital skills needed to participate in the workforce and advance their education and careers in the new economy.

Learners will have access to thousands of high-quality online courses taught by more than 250 academic and industry leaders from around the world, including Yale University, Stanford University, University of Michigan, Google, IBM and Microsoft. This includes 15 entry-level professional certificates, which help learners develop skills for fast-growing entry-level digital jobs. Learners will also benefit from a world-class online, mobile and hands-on learning experience while obtaining job-relevant credentials for the courses they take.

In addition, this partnership will provide Saudi learners with access to more than 1,900 guided projects on Coursera, which will allow learners to gain hands-on experience and acquire high-demand skills in less than two hours, with the guidance not at the foot of an instructor. .

Coursera currently has over 600,000 learners enrolled in Saudi Arabia, with over 40,000 new learners in the past three months alone. This partnership extends our commitment, allowing access to Coursera for all university students and government employees in the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia is one of the best performing countries in the region in terms of skills mastery. According to Coursera’s 2021 Global Skills Report, the kingdom is ranked at the forefront of business skills, ranking 4th in the Middle East and Africa. Access to courses such as Machine Learning (Stanford University) and Foundations: Data, Data Everywhere (Google) will further enhance the country’s skills in data technology and science, currently at 54% and 18% mastery, respectively.

“Working with Coursera as a key strategic partner dramatically expands the opportunities for our learners and institutions to access world-class educational content, faculty and institutions,” said Dr Abdullah Alwalidi, Managing Director of NELC. “Through this relationship, we ensure that NELC continues to meet the skills demands of the rapidly changing labor market, resulting in continued development of the human capacities of the Kingdom. “

We are excited to help Saudi learners develop the skills to prepare for the digital economy, adapt to a rapidly changing workplace, and open up new career opportunities.

To sign up for the initiative, visit FutureX. To learn more about Coursera for Government, visit

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