Edmonton school buddies reconnect years later and start a bespoke art business


Two undergraduate buddies in Edmonton turned their mutual love for old electronics into a growing business that makes cool – sometimes weird – items out of old televisions, record players, and radios.

“I have a guy reaching out, he wants to turn a (TV) into a turtle terrarium,” manufacturer Mitchell Kelloway said.

“If you have a dream for one, why not? We can make it come true!”

Their company is called UNIQ ANTIQ.

Its founders buy vintage objects in estate sales, garage sales, barns and attics.

Some of their finds are still working and are sold after a few restorations.

Some electronic components are already broken, so they tear them apart and rebuild the item into something new.

“Some things you have to pay and some things you are lucky. We had a lot of fun looking for them,” said electrician Shane Tellier.

Electrician Shane Tellier is half of UNIQ ANTIQ, an Edmonton company that refurbishes vintage items.

“We just started to touch up a few products for ourselves, and we got some interest from family and friends, and then it kind of branched out from there.”

Guys post their designs on Instagram. Some people reach out and buy it that way, others ask for custom versions.

The hobby is still turning into a business, and their inventory is growing as well, filling both co-owner’s garages and some warehouse spaces.

“I would love to make it a full time job personally,” Kelloway said.

“It’s amazing what people love right now, people are feeling nostalgic right now. I don’t know what it is.”

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