Energy sector workforce benefits from growth in e-learning


A combination of changing technologies and new ways of working has completely transformed the way people access and deliver training, and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has resulted in even greater use of e-learning over the years. Last 18 months.

More than ever, businesses large and small are empowering their staff to learn and grow through online tools, enabling engaging and interactive content to be available anytime, anywhere in the world. the world.

While previously companies may have been more cautious about the transition to eLearning, they are now fully embracing it and making the most of the flexibility it offers to staff and contractors.

We have worked with many energy companies over the past 20 years, from large operators to small service companies, allowing managers to take an active role in the learning and development of their team.

From our bases in Aberdeen and Calgary, we offer a wide range of e-learning courses, providing our clients with the systems and tools they need to deliver fully virtual or blended learning, while ensuring that that all training is aligned with the role, needs and training needs of each learner. Goals.

We do this in a number of ways, one of which is by using our Learning Toolkit which many of our customers use to manage their training activities, whether configured by us as a bespoke system or we are deploying a third-party version. .

These software systems allow HR managers to share information, deliver training, track skills, produce certificates and update learning plans.

Learner progress is much easier to follow, while updating content becomes much easier and more efficient.

We also ensure that our clients have full visibility into all skills and skills gaps within their organization, and have the ability to run a range of related reports and analysis. Goals can be set, reviews organized and 360 ° feedback can be gathered for effective performance management, all through an online platform.

These user-friendly systems make it easy for clients of all sizes to create personalized learning plans and set goals, priorities and deadlines.

Our learning toolkits also mean less time spent filling out forms, researching training data, and manually assigning team members to training courses; online training is easy to book, automated reminders are sent, and sessions are easy to cancel.

Accessing online courses can also be very motivating for the user and really encourage self-study, while also making it easier to complete required courses.

Video, animation, images and text all play an important role in a learning toolbox, making the learning process more engaging, while greater collaboration between teams can be achieved easily and effectively.

Essentially, we save our clients time, while adding value to their training and development programs and ensuring that content is aligned with business strategy. We also create a truly engaging and easy to navigate learning environment for the user.

The oil and gas landscape is changing like never before. Energy companies need agile, flexible and cost-effective learning solutions that can be easily adapted to their bespoke systems and remove the culture of work.

We have been in business for over two decades and over that time we have seen the way training and learning is delivered change dramatically, but what has not changed is the need for people. skilled and talented to lead the way.

By combining great leadership and management with new ways of working and modern technology, clients can truly reap the benefits of digital change.

One thing we are sure of is that online learning is here to stay.

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