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The Gainesville ISD Education Foundation Board of Trustees Awards Patrol recently awarded grants to teachers on several campuses.

The 2021-2022 Innovative Teaching Grants program had 24 recipients this year, who received a combined total of $ 33,014.61. Some of the grants will fund various electronic devices in demand in the district.

Edison Elementary – Six grants, totaling $ 8,293.92, comprising: field trips to Frank Buck Zoo for Kindergarten and a field trip to the Dairy Farm for Kindergarten. All Edison students will also be able to attend an educational Stephen Fite concert, flexible seating options and an introductory chess program were also awarded;

Chalmers Elementary – 10 grants, totaling $ 13,747.75, including: a second year field trip to Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch, a third year field trip to the Frank Buck Zoo and owl pellet dissecting supplies, a fourth year field trip to the Sea Life aquarium and at Legoland, flexible seating options for better learning, graphic novels for the library and art supplies were also awarded. The new music class at Chalmers will receive 25 floor drums; Gainesville Intermediate – a grant of $ 1,600 for readers and c-pen scanners to help students with reading difficulties and dyslexia, as well as students of English as a second language.

Gainesville Junior High – four scholarships, totaling $ 6,684.91, comprising: software for the We Video communication program for audiovisual classes will allow students to edit videos on Chromebooks previously purchased by the foundation.

Other grants include music software and instruments for the special education class as well as novels for students. Dissection equipment, lab frogs and rats will be purchased for grade eight science students; Gainesville High School – three grants, totaling $ 2,688.03, comprising: Culinary students receive an ice cream freezer and equipment for making other candy, fluorescent light blankets for the special education class so to minimize stimulation for the students and to help them learn about the different scenes on said covers. The agriculture program will receive laboratory supplies to introduce the program to elementary school students.

The GISD Education Foundation has awarded more than $ 418,000 in innovative education grants to the district since 2004.

“Board members review nominations and carefully consider each nomination and the long-term impact on students,” said Tamara Grimes, president of the foundation. “The council strives to provide educators with additional resources and hands-on experiences to help children reach their full potential. “

GISD Superintendent DesMontes Stewart appreciated the help.

“We are very grateful to have such a dedicated and committed group of volunteers who support our faculty, staff and students,” said Stewart.

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