Los Angeles Film School recognized for its 4 best programs in the United States

Intelligent.com has implemented a unique methodology that ranks each program on a scale of 0 to 100 into five categories. The grading system compares each university based on program strength, student preparation, ROI, cost, and student engagement. The researchers compared 704 programs from 2,900 universities and colleges across the United States.

According to Intelligent.com, studies show that earning a degree dramatically increases earnings, with those with a degree earning 84% more than those with only a high school diploma or those without a high school diploma. haven’t got a GED. The percentage difference in earnings continues to grow with higher education degrees such as masters, doctorates or professional degrees, with the unemployment rate falling to 1.1% for those with a doctorate.

The Los Angeles Film School offers flexible distance learning that caters to busy adults or hybrid models that include on-campus and online formats. The Film Program and Graphic Design Program were both in the top 20 rankings for 2022. The LA Film School’s degree programs help students improve and develop advanced skills for a variety of industry positions. demand.

The Los Angeles Film School is recognized for the following degree programs:

Best Online Film Degree Programs | Class 2

Best Online Bachelor Of Graphic Design Programs | Class 7

Best Graphic Design Diploma Programs | Class ten

Best Film Degree Program | Class 14


The Los Angeles Film School is an accredited higher education institution located in the heart of Hollywood. The school has been serving the community and its students since 1999 and offers Bachelor of Science degrees focused on entertainment in Animation, Audio production, Digital film manufacturing, Leisure industry, Film production, Graphic design, Media communication and Writing for film and television; and associate of science degrees in Audio production, Music production, and Movie. Campus facilities include the historic RCA building at 6363 Sunset Boulevard and the studios at 6690 Sunset Boulevard, where students have access to standard equipment, editing labs, dub stages, and recording studios.

The school’s faculty of industry professionals earned credits on major films, video games, and music recordings. Many alumni have received awards at film festivals around the world, designed multi-platinum albums, and some credits include GRAMMY® and Oscar® nominations and victories. The school is an institution approved by VA and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

For more information on the Los Angeles Film School, visit: www.lafilm.edu or call 323.860.0789.

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