Richmond County School Board approves 2022-2023 schedule

Changes are coming to the 2022-2023 calendar for the Richmond County school system.

Students will see a staggered start to the year, with elementary students starting Thursday August 4 and the rest of the students starting Monday August 8. start, gives them more time to install primary school pupils and manage the teaching hours of middle and high school students.

There will be 180 days of learning, 90 per semester. Days off include one week vacation for Thanksgiving and Spring Break (plus Monday after the Masters Tournament) and two weeks for winter vacation from Wednesday, December 21 to January 4.

June 15, the day to commemorate the end of slavery, is also on the school calendar this year, following its designation as a federal holiday last summer. It takes place on June 19 every year, which in 2023 is a Monday. Compliance can affect summer programming.

Public comments determined whether the school district had planned more days of early exit or asynchronous learning. Cobb reported that 2,661 people responded to the online survey, of which nearly 44.6% were school district employees, 40.5% parents / guardians, 12.2% students and 2.7% businesses. / community members. Each of the demographic groups voted to designate four digital asynchronous learning days and two early release days.

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Another change schools will see is that as part of the district’s new scoring process, the nine-week scoring blocks have been completed and the semester-based scoring blocks are in place. the end of the semester, which corresponds to the 18th week. Cobb explained that the semester block gives more flexibility to learning and students a greater opportunity to reassess and relearn as needed.

The school board approved this and the 2023-2024 schedule on Tuesday. Once downloaded, the calendars can be found at

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