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There is no shortage of electronic drive systems available today, but the one that stood out to me at the SHOT Show 2019 was the Trainshot system. A company based in the Slovak Republic, Trainshot’s portable electronic system shows promise.

Róbert Schochmann, CEO of Trainshot explained to me how the system works. At the heart of the system is the small electronic base unit, which uses Bluetooth to connect to smart devices in real time. Shot results, shot zones, reaction time and other statistics are included in the data released. The base unit connects to an exclusive patent pending target made from multi-layered cardboard that detects hits. It can even detect double taps.

The electronic base unit runs on AA batteries and uses 6mm thick Hardox steel for shielding.

The electronic base unit is reinforced for the rigors of range use, using 6mm abrasion resistant hardox steel armor for stray bullet protection. There are four LEDs on the front of the unit that work in conjunction with the mobile app to inform the shooter on which target area to shoot. An optional extension cord can connect to the target, allowing the base unit to have some distance from the affected area.

Trainshot’s mobile app is robust, with tons of shot data available to shooters. There are many popular pre-programmed drills focused on randomly assigned strike zones that will test your gun skills. Together with the different target models available, this can be an easy way to add challenge and a bit of variety to training.

Trainshot with extension

Here is the Trainshot system with the optional extension in use. Note the Ethernet cable that connects the base to the extension.

Up to four Trainshot targets can be connected to a single smart device, but Schochmann says scalability is something he is aiming for in the future.

The standard range for the base unit is around 100 feet, but there is a long range radio module available which increases the range to ½ mile. For this to work, the base unit also receives an improved antenna. The extended range could be useful for ranged marksmanship.

The Trainshot Starter Kit, which includes an electronic base unit and 10 targets, is affordable at $ 249. Learn more about

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