Stafford Middle School Leos hangar prevents electronic waste from going to landfill | Advertisement

The Stafford Middle School Leos spent a Saturday morning in October painting their electronic recycling shed at the Stafford County landfill. The students painted the hangar with the help of their Aquia Evening Lions advisor, Leanne Cannon.

Since the hangar opened in late July, he has kept over 4 tonnes of hazardous electronic waste out of the landfill. It started in August with half a ton of electronic waste recycled, then in September 1½ ton was recycled, and in October more than 2 tons of electronic waste was recycled, of which one ton was picked up one day in mid -October. .

All electrical and electronic items, except televisions and old CRT monitors, can be recycled. There is no recycling process for TVs and CRT monitors available for the program, so these items will not be accepted.

At the Belman Road Recycling Center, Leos can accept cellphones, laptops, and ink and toner cartridges in green recycling bins, but Leo advisers ask the R-Board to allow Leos to extend the program. Recycling is free at the Belman Road landfill and recycling center.

Companies that have large pickups of loads can email to schedule a pickup. Leos are currently collecting ink and toners at companies that have supported the program since its inception 15 years ago as the Girl Scout program. The companies that have supported the program since its inception are automotive groups Radley and Pohanka, Metropole, Silver Corporation and Bishop, Farmer & Co.

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