Stuart Leatham’s little Freddie Mercury goes to school for outing

In 2015, Irish music duo Stuart Leathem & Esther Trousdale quietly released a track titled “Little Freddie Goes to School” with rare vocals from the iconic Queen leader Freddie mercury of his “Barcelona” sessions in 1988. The track vividly portrays a picture of young Freddie going to school alone in India, then becoming the global phenomenon he became as an adult.

In early 2021, Stuart was feeling restless about the track and set out to create a definitive mix for this single, Freddie’s 75th Year, which is slated for release on December 1. engineer Myles Clarke who had worked for Pete Townshend and The Who before joining the amazing Dolby Atmos team. We agreed that there was a lot of untapped potential in “Little Freddie” and got to work on it.

“Myles did a superb job reworking the original stems and I removed other elements from the song and re-recorded them to give it a more anthemic and live feel. In the end, it’s a pretty different arrangement. Special mention to the amazing folk from Abbey Road Studios who worked on the vocals of Freddie and Esther to make it look like they’re in the same room at the same time on this duo. We were blown away by the final masters of the song and are delighted to be able to release it for the world to hear. This new arrangement is the definitive version of the song!

“It is the honor of a lifetime for Esther and I to bring this track to fruition and we are delighted that every download of the song or video helps the work of the Mercury Phoenix Trust. A special mention also to my dear friend the late David Richards who was the catalyst for the initial work on this track. This song tells the story of an incredibly courageous young man who believed in himself and, despite many implausibilities, became the most iconic singer in rock history. Freddie’s contributions to the song are powerful and unmistakably him. We also collaborated with Animind Studio to create a hypnotic animated lyric video worthy of the song. The end result is a brand new digital single and animated video slated for worldwide release on December 1, 2021, World AIDS Day.

Stuart Leathem and Esther Trousdale are a critically acclaimed songwriter and singer based in Northern Ireland. You can view their catalog on all streaming services.

Pre-order “Little Freddie Goes To School – 2021 Mix”, released December 1st.

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