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Smartphone, a small device that, once launched, changed the world and the way people communicate. Since then we have seen evolutions in the types of devices we come across and all new models also come with newer and better features.

Therefore, a little device in your palm that offers so much, ultimately helps you a lot. In present times, people are using the mobile phone for various purposes in different scenarios.

Ad Colony therefore conducted a search to find out what people did the most with their phones during working hours, when they were on break, or during commuting.

The survey covered 300 workers aged 18 and over residing in the United States.

The survey showed that during working hours, people generally used their cell phones to perform work-related or communications tasks. The main activity performed during working hours on a mobile phone was sending e-mails with an average of 68%. Text messages or messages from colleagues or clients follow closely with a ratio of 66%. Phone calls made up 60%, followed by managing the work schedule, using web conferencing tools, and accessing documents and spreadsheets.

The worst-performing activity, which was 9% performed during working hours, was managing the vaccination passport through an app, which is clearly not something that people do a lot during the shift. job.

However, while the work hours are busy and people are only using their phones for important purposes. The question everyone was eager to learn was which activity was most popular during breaks from work or free time.

53% of those surveyed said they scrolled through social media, 50% read the news and events around, while 45% played mobile games. This was all followed by listening to music or podcasts, shopping online, and watching or streaming videos, all within a close margin.

The third part of the investigation concluded what the people did on the way home. Obviously no one can use social media when they are driving themselves, the majority of investigators said they listened to music or podcasts on the way home. This has accumulated 71 percent of those surveyed.

21% said they played games, 20% watched videos and 17% watched the news.

What activities do you do during these three times of your day?

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