Teens hit by crosswalk near Cheyenne East High School


Two teenagers were rushed to hospital Monday morning after being struck by an SUV near East High School, Cheyenne police said.

The incident happened around 7 a.m. at the intersection of Windmill Road and E. Pershing Boulevard.

Public Information Officer Alex Farkas said the boys – a 13-year-old student from Carey Junior High School and a 15-year-old student from the East – were crossing Pershing at the crosswalk when a GMC Acadia oncoming hit them.

“Both sustained minor injuries and were taken to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center out of caution,” Farkas said.

“The driver of the vehicle remained on site and received a ticket for failure to yield,” she added.

Monday’s incident comes just three days after a 13-year-old McCormick High School student was struck and killed in a crosswalk.

Cheyenne Police Department via Facebook

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“The Cheyenne Police Department is extremely concerned about the safety on our roads,” said Chief Mark Francisco. “Pickup and drop-off times are particularly dangerous for students and drivers near school zones.”

Police say 238 traffic incidents have occurred in the East High School area this year. Of these, 50 occurred at the intersection of Windmill and Pershing.

“Safety is a shared responsibility; We ask our citizens to help keep everyone safe by slowing down, limiting distractions and being courteous to others on our roads, especially in school zones, ”Francisco said.

In order to protect both pedestrians and drivers, the police offer the following safety tips:

10 safety tips for walking

  • Be predictable. Follow the rules of the road and obey all signs and signals.
  • Walk on sidewalks when available.
  • If there is no sidewalk, walk in front of traffic and as far away from traffic as possible.
  • Stay alert at all times; don’t be distracted by electronic devices that take your eyes (and ears) off the road.
  • When possible, cross streets at crosswalks or intersections, where drivers expect pedestrians. Look for cars in all directions, including those that turn left or right.
  • If a crosswalk or intersection is not available, locate a well-lit area where you have the best view of traffic. Wait for a gap in traffic that leaves enough time to cross safely; continue to watch the traffic as you cross.
  • Never assume that a driver sees you. Make eye contact with drivers as they approach to ensure you are seen.
  • Be visible at all times. Wear bright clothes during the day and wear reflective materials or use a flashlight at night
  • Watch for cars entering or exiting driveways, or backing up in parking lots.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs while walking; they impair your abilities and your judgment.

9 driving safety tips

  • Watch out for pedestrians everywhere, at all times. Safety is a shared responsibility.
  • Use extra caution when driving in difficult-to-see conditions, such as night or bad weather.
  • Slow down and be prepared to stop when you turn or enter a crosswalk.
  • Give way to pedestrians in crosswalks and stop away from the crosswalk to give other vehicles the opportunity to see passing pedestrians so they too can stop.
  • Never pass stopped vehicles at a crosswalk. There may be people walking through that you cannot see.
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.
  • Obey the speed limit, especially around people on the street.
  • Obey slower speed limits in school zones and in neighborhoods where children are present.
  • Be very careful when backing up, pedestrians may move in your path.

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