These eLearning bundles go on sale before Black Friday

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There is always more to learn, especially when you have free time for the holidays! This holiday season, you can use your free time to learn something practical and fun. For the pre-Black Friday Doorbusters, Boing Boing is offering great prices on e-learning bundles with topics ranging from guitar to Google Analytics.

This set of 5 courses will teach you how to use Google Analytics to better understand your web spaces. In courses like “Marketing Analytics in Google Data Studio” you will learn how the information you get from Google Analytics can be applied to create real traffic for your site. With Google Analytics, you can study what is working and what needs to change on your site and turn that information into action.

There’s a lot to learn with an industry like cybersecurity, and you can get started by joining 3,000 other students with this 114-hour package. Even if you are completely new to cybersecurity and the IT industry as a whole, you may be able to find a good place to start. Learn what it takes to be a cybersecurity professional or just use this information to boost your own security.

Don’t worry, it’s never too late to learn guitar. This pack provides 59 hours of training in guitar fundamentals and the many genres of music you can play with. Play with class instructions or just read material and start understanding music theory with this set.

Artificial intelligence is a tool that will revolutionize the next era of technology. Start learning how you can make it happen with this 79-hour set that will teach you the basics of deep learning, python, machine learning, and more. And the languages ​​and skills you learn from this bundle can also be applied elsewhere in IT and design!

Java is still one of the most useful coding languages ​​you can learn. With this set of 8 courses, you can learn the basics of Java programming and start writing clean, crisp code. With so much still running in Java, learning is useful if you want to become a skilled programmer.

Take 100 hours and learn the only language you can speak peacefully in a movie theater. Work through this CPD-accredited set by taking challenging quizzes and studying rewarding content. You will learn to shape your hands in subtle new ways to create complex meanings that you can share with any ASL speaker.

This art set blends traditional and digital media to give you 111 hours of comprehensive instruction designed to guide even the most recent artists. This set can help you master the foundational skills needed to create comics and manga. Learn anatomy, character designs, and even which pen works best with which paper in this alluring set you can’t help but get drawn into.

Achieving CompTIA certification is a huge step for any hopeful IT professional, and you can start studying with the 9 courses included in this bundle. Join hundreds of other students to prepare for the exam challenges that lie ahead. The courses are all taught by real qualified experts who have been in the field for years.

Adobe Creative Cloud is an industry standard for many areas that even tangentially integrate design. This bundle can help someone who’s never opened Photoshop to become a confident expert in just over 59 hours. This will apply to people working in the creative industries as well as anyone who wants their data to be as attractive as the information it represents.

Since Linux is the operating system behind many of the more popular smartphones, it will be helpful to have some expertise in this area if you are planning on getting into app or website design. Mastering Linux unlocks so much, especially if you get it for your home and office computers. Find out how to increase your productivity with Linux in 8 lessons.

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