Top 10 EdTech startups and e-learning platforms in Uganda


Demands for eLearning and EdTech (Education Technology) platforms increased during the COVID pandemic, as parents and schools sought new ways to serve students in a virtual environment.

Now the question arises: will the rapid growth continue when the world returns to something closer to “normal”? At least we are noticing that the trend has been accepted and we are indulging in the student lifestyle as more and more platforms have sprung up to fill the void in different areas of online studies.

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There is a lot of innovation in the education sector. Here is a list of online learning platforms and EdTech startups in Uganda that are doing a phenomenal job of making learning easy for students in the country.

Here is a look at some of the e-learning platforms that have guided our list, we were able to try a few and put together a list of the top 10 platforms that we think may be of interest to you;

EdTech Startups E-learning platforms
Oysters & Pearls Totoquiz
Think play Yiya AirScience
Fundi Bots Yaaka digital network
Schools Uganda Cheza
Teach for Uganda Review now
Izère Education Passuneb
First learn
Gradesplus Uganda
Uganda review
Uganda shareability

1. Totoquiz

Totoquiz is a digital platform that allows Ugandan primary school children to revise using educational quizzes, learn using a digital library and ask questions answered by real teachers in exercise.

Totoquiz is an innovation from Toto Technologies that serves both students and parents through a web portal and mobile application. You can download the app from Google play store, register to complete your child’s learning process.

These provide a supportive, safe and fun learning environment that increases motivation and interest in learning.

2. Cyber-school technological solutions

Cyber ​​School Technology Solutions offers a myriad of digital learning solutions for students and schools.

They offer digital science courses (Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) and one Virtual science laboratory where students can perform any science experiment as they would in a science lab.

Digital science and virtual lab software (which contains over 6,000 animations and 157 science lab experiments) can be installed on your home computer for a small fee of 100,000 UGX and schools have dedicated packages to suit their budgets. .

3. Yiya Air Science

Yiya AirScience is an interactive STEM learning experience for remote populations without access to the internet, smartphones or academic equipment, using only phones and single-touch radios.

The platform operates on Africa’s Talking’s shared USSD platform. To access Yiya AirScience services, dial * 284 * 19 #

Below is an infographic describing how to access the platform.

4. Bots Fundi

Fundi Bots provides hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education to children and youth in classrooms, communities and universities.

Students learn to build robots, which radically improves knowledge of school curricula, classroom performance provides practical professional skills and career development, and enables students to be forces of change in their communities.

The Fundi Bots learning model is practical, fun, engaging, and places students in a collaborative and exploratory learning environment that inspires them to think beyond just passing classroom exams.

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5. Review now

Revisenow has a pool of old UNEB question papers for Primary school leaving exams, Level O, and HSC Where Advanced education level.

The platform displays questions from the latest final communications. There is no option to download or print the questions. A student is expected to copy questions, try and verify a correct answer in their study notes or consult with a teacher. Keep in mind that the website displays advertisements.

6. Passuneb

Passuneb offers candidates the opportunity to take a self-test of multiple choice questions on selected subjects at the primary and UCE levels. The platform has an online self-test section where a student attempts questions and views the solutions or explanations of the question.

The primary section has a set of questions on all 4 topics.

The UCE or O Level module has a self-test on the main subjects of Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, and Geography.

The e-library section contains a rich collection of ebooks on various topics that you can download or read online.

7. Kolibri

Kolibri is a free digital learning platform operated by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

The e-Learning platform offers science and math content only for O-level students (senior 1 to 4). The content of the platform is presented in the form of video and text (PDF format).

Users can choose to create an account or explore the platform without an account.

8. Kaino

Kaino began as a high-end co-ed STEM program aligned with early childhood education.

Parents can use this content for home schooling for their children. Likewise, teachers in early childhood development centers can also use the platform as lesson guides to deliver daily lessons aligned with the curriculum to children.

Currently, on their website, they offer free lessons for their early childhood development program. You can create an account and view their learning materials for free.

9. Yukudemy

Yukudemy is an open e-learning platform (OEP) geared towards promoting the sharing of knowledge and skills and has no limit to the type of courses created on the platform.

It hosts a wide variety of learning resources and topics for primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. The platform has a stat of 2,163 lessons 140 courses 38 instructors 12 academies.

10. Tcheza

Checheza is an offline learning app for kids. The content of the platform is bundled into a mobile learning game and distributed to children with no or limited access to quality education.

And that’s it for our list of top 10 edTech startups and e-learning platforms in Uganda and if there is a missed EdTech startup or innovation, please post it in our comments section and we will have the article put up to date with.

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